The Wonder Hot Gallon (128 oz).


In spite of these natural ingredients’ strong and dominant properties, our recipe was able to combine them in such a way that they embrace each other in perfect harmony while creating a balance and unique product called: “The Wonder Seasoning”.  Try it, you will love it!



Vinegar: reduces the risk of cancer, improves blood sugar levels, and promotes heart health.

Garlic: builds up the immune system, fights stress and fatigue, and maintains healthy liver function.

Onion:  decreases the risk of stomach colorectal cancer, and has been proven to be an anti-inflammation and anti-clotting.

Lime:  slows down the buildup of plaque on artery walls, fights bacteria, improves skin complexion

Pepper: prevents and relieves headaches, brings arthritis relief, has been used as an anti-inflammatory

Cabbage: decreases the risk of obesity, increases energy, prevents cancer, and protects healthy cells during radiation therapy.


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Weight 8 oz


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